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Award PTLLS (Train the Trainer)

The course is designed for learners who work, or want to work as teachers/trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector (LLS).This sector includes further education, adult and community learning/personal and community development and learning, offender learning and work-based learning. It is mandatory for those wishing to enter teaching in the regulated LLS in England.

PTLLS is widely recognised as the acceptable standard for those beginning to teach in the non regulated sector in England, as well as other nations.

Learners will learn knowledge and skills required to enter teaching, as well as developing their academic skills.
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Duration of Course:

36 Weeks

Entry requirements:

Applicants must be aged 19 or above and are normally required to be qualified in the subject(s) they intend to teach or employed in a teaching/training role. Reasonable literacy skills is a requirement, i.e. the ability to read and interpret written tasks, and to write answers in a legible and understandable form. Applicants will also need to be able to organise written information clearly and coherently.

Students working at Level 4 need to have an understanding of the Harvard referencing system.

What you will learn:

The course offers training in the skills of teaching and is structured in four key sections:
The units delivered at level 3 and 4 are:
  • Roles, responsibilities and relationships in lifelong learning
  • Understanding inclusive learning and teaching in lifelong learning
  • Using inclusive learning and teaching approaches in lifelong learning
  • Principles of assessment in lifelong learning

The 6302 Certificate will be awarded upon candidates successfully completing a portfolio of evidence that holistically cover all four sections. Work is assessed through the production of written assignments, observation of a micro-teaching/teaching practice session and completion of a learning journal.

Learning and teaching methods

Methods of learning and teaching are designed to support students in becoming active members of a learning community. Students will be expected to work together in an informal environment as well as in formal classes where a culture of dignity, courtesy and mutual respect with staff and their peers is essential. A variety of methods will be used such as lectures, seminars and practical sessions.


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Equal Opportunities

The Grimsby Instutute Group guarantees that it will deal fairly and effectively with all students, staff and visitors and offer equality of opportunity on the basis of age, creed, gender, impairment, learning difficulty, marital status, national origin, race, religion or sexuality.

Students have the right to expect that this will apply to them without prejudice or discrimination and that they also have the obligation to deal fairly and effectively with other students and staff regardless of age, creed, gender, impairment, learning difficulty, marital status, national origin, race, religion or sexuality.

The Grimsby Institute Group will endeavour to comply with the Equality Act 2010 and additional duties, which requires public bodies to make every effort to support persons with disability.

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